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Edge Roofing

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At Edge Roofing, we understand how challenging it can be to find dependable roofing services in Lubbock. That is why our top-notch team works tirelessly to provide quality residential roofing and commercial roofing installations when you need it.

Whether you seek minor roof repairs or a total replacement, our roofers have the knowledge and equipment necessary to complete the job on time. We are proud to supply high-quality building materials for customers like you. This way, you can enjoy a beautiful roof without hassle.

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Superior New Roof Services From Reliable Roofing Contractors

Unlike some roofing companies, we will take the time to ensure that your new roofs meet all your expectations. Our project managers will discuss your vision in detail to provide the best recommendations for your house. Feel free to ask us any questions you have during your roofing consultation.

As West Texas’s top Roofing Company, we will assign professional roofers to your project who provide outstanding service. From our initial contact to the final inspection, you can expect us to simplify the entire process. Our roofers will respect you and your property while installing replacement materials.

We maintain roofs for hundreds of homeowners in Lubbock and will always be ready to restore your property on short notice. If you need storm damage repairs or protective roof coatings for your entire roof, our professional crew can handle it. We will do an amazing job by paying close attention to detail.

We also know how to install roofs of all shapes and sizes. No matter how challenging your request may seem, we have the roofing expertise to succeed. Contact Roofing by Edge today to browse our highly recommended roofing services.

Our Residential and Commercial Roofing Solutions

Decorative Roofing

Investing in decorative roofing is an excellent way to increase your home's curb appeal. Our tile, slate, and shake building materials can complete your exterior look and last decades with the proper upkeep. Additionally, asphalt shingles can keep your house safe from damaging UV light and high winds. As a reputable roofing company in Lubbock, we will install your roof quickly without sacrificing quality. Depending on the size of your property, we may be able to complete your residential roof replacement in two to five days.

Metal Roofing

We have the solutions to protect your business property with metal roofing in Lubbock. Our roofing company can replace and repair copper, aluminum, and zinc roofs without disrupting your operations. These solutions can withstand over 50 years of rain and snow. Hiring us for a metal roof service is the best way to reduce the cost of your monthly energy bill. We use lightweight, reflective products that can optimize your insulation and help you maintain indoor temperature control. A contractor from our team will recommend the right material for your business.

Flat Roof Systems

Business owners consider us Lubbock's best roofing company for our wide range of commercial options. Our professional technicians can customize your commercial building with TPO, EPDM, PVC, and Mod-Bit roofing materials. These watertight solutions are ideal if your building has low-slope architecture. They can also withstand heavy foot traffic. EPDM and Mod-Bit roof materials have excellent fire-resistance ratings, protecting your siding and foundation year-round. Whether you manage one or multiple businesses, we will ensure that every square foot of your property has the coverage it needs.

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Why Choose Edge Roofing

Our Quality Roofing Installation Strategies

Lubbock homeowners choose our team for all their roofing needs. We make the installation process simple with industry proven strategies and techniques, allowing you to relax while we do all the heavy lifting. A roofing contractor from our crew will explain what to expect during service when you call.

Design Consultation

Before we can construct your new roof, a licensed and insured roofer from our company will conduct a thorough at-home consultation. They will inspect your existing roof and provide accurate estimates for your replacement.

Old Roof Replacement

Our roofing company will remove broken shingles, roof fixtures, and gutters to make space for your new roof.  Your safety is our number-one priority during service. Every roofing contractor on our team will adhere to OSHA standards while using equipment on your property.

New Roof Inspection

We will test your roof's seals, flashings, and decking before we hand you the bill. This way, you can be confident about the quality of your investment.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee your 100% satisfaction for every completed roof. If you aren't totally satisfied with our service, we will return to the drawing board and start over. We dedicate ourselves to a customer-first approach, so don't hesitate to give us your feedback throughout the construction process.

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